This Girl Posted Her S*xy PIX On Facebook and Her Boyfriend Broke Up With Her – SEE PHOTOS

bf67038ae8796b21bc45dd7285c30b22This babe says she’s suffering because of this photo she posted on facebook without the consent of her lovely boyfriend, who she said has broke up with her for showing the whole world her “oranges”. She wants her guy back but don’t know how to go about it.

See what she wrote about her love crisis below:
“I use to think one of the reasons why my bf loved me was the fact that i liked photographs more than anything, to the extent i went ahead and bought a very expensive camera.

In my many charades of snapping myself i discovered i liked this particular one very much and i wanted my friends to see and probably comment on it so i decided to drop it on facebook only to eventually end up with a breakup.

Please you have to help me cos i love him so much.”

But, if there is love, is that photo enough to cause a break up?


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